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Here are the Christmas gifts that I received from my girlfriends and I love them all! The beanie was made by my friend Janelle. If you are into knitting/crocheting, her work is amazing! Link to her page is here. The mug/bowl is from Kayla, another friend of mine. I love the crochet sleeve and how big the mug is so I can eat my Ramen in it hehe. Lastly, my girl Hazel gave a hot chocolate gift set, mine is peppermint hot chocolate. 😀

 photo IMG_20150102_124045_zpsbc9913e7.jpg
 photo IMG_20150102_122437_zpscc39d23f.jpg
 photo IMG_20150102_151038746_zps0d7dc609.jpg
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I started this new way of working on my origami projects a while ago but it has made a great difference in my work! This set, I would say, has been one of my best work so far and one of my favorites. Instead of using colored origami paper, I have a pack of white origami paper and I either paint or dye the papers so I can make the desired colored paper that I want. I have a watercolor set and if I need a darker color, I use food coloring to dye the paper. For added details, I paint the details once the folds have been made and the flowers are formed. To anyone who wants to improve their origami skills, I highly recommend this! 🙂