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The guy I’m currently dating was starting to become interested in photography so we went to San Francisco and walked along Embarcadero. ^-^ He’s pretty good at taking nice photos from his phone so I wanted to let him try using my new camera and he liked it! 😀 Not bad for a first timer right?

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 photo DSC00151_zps3f2d6482.jpg
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Since my brother took his Cannon T2i with him to college, I saved up for a better camera and I’m very happy with the Sony Alpha a6000. ^-^ For the past semester, I’ve been using the camera on my phone which is not bad, it’s a Motorola Moto X, but I would still like to take photos from a real camera. It has been a while since I shot with an actual camera so I took today to learn how to use it.

 photo IMG_20150106_154227102_zps1164fe64.jpg

Here are the Christmas gifts that I received from my girlfriends and I love them all! The beanie was made by my friend Janelle. If you are into knitting/crocheting, her work is amazing! Link to her page is here. The mug/bowl is from Kayla, another friend of mine. I love the crochet sleeve and how big the mug is so I can eat my Ramen in it hehe. Lastly, my girl Hazel gave a hot chocolate gift set, mine is peppermint hot chocolate. 😀

 photo IMG_20150102_124045_zpsbc9913e7.jpg
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