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It’s been a while since the last time we were in the city (San Francisco) so my friends and I decided to go on a city adventure last Tuesday. ^_^ We went to Fisherman’s Wharf and enjoyed some ice cream and floats from Ghirardelli Square. While on our way there, we met these three cute elderly ladies who were also on a surprise adventure. 🙂 I think meeting them was the highlight of the day because talking to them, my friends and I believe they are our elderly counterparts hehe. ^_^ One lady was so cute that she wanted to take a picture with us but the train came and the other lady couldn’t wait so she passed by while taking the photo. 😛

 photo 1776_zps219094f8.jpeg
 photo IMG_20140722_221538_zpscb1c1527.jpg
 photo IMG_20140722_170534249_zps81b017b2.jpg


Here are some photos of a blue iris that I made a while ago. This was the first time I painted details onto the flower and what made me start painting and dying paper more for my projects.


When dealing with so much work for my financial accounting class, there are times where I get burnt out. x.x I’m the type of person that tries to get things done in the morning so I can rest in the afternoon or night but sometimes I need to space my assignments out. Today, I wanted to work on my homework after lunch but I just couldn’t. I woke up early to cook breakfast for my family then cleaned the house the whole morning so I guess I got exhausted from that. When I had my studying set-up, I tried working on my hw but nothing was going through my head. x.x Even though I don’t want to, I’ve been taking naps more often but after I feel better. Brewed some kona coffee that I found and when I study, I listen to the Coffee Table Jazz playlist on Spotify to get into my studying groove; that’s my way of getting the feeling of being in Starbucks at home hehe. ^_^ Also, just wanted to share this one photo I took at Target =) I thought these canvas posters were cute. My favorites: “Dear coffee, I love you. That is all.” and “Talk nerdy to me”. 😉

 photo IMG_20140719_193619_zps03e747f5.jpg
 photo IMG_20140719_193426_zps381d3f00.jpg
 photo IMG_20140719_193322_zps2f21f1b7.jpg

Since I have a few pieces around the house, sometimes I look at one and think that I should upgrade them. This is one of my very first pieces. I bought this cup at Daiso (an Asian dollar store) and when my mom saw what I made, she wanted to keep it in her room. I still can’t believe that this photo was from 2011 when I first started making floral origami. The second photo is the updated version of the original. A couple origami books, one very interesting floral art book, practice, and three years later, I’m very happy with how my crafting has grown. ^_^

 photo 122911_zps483c6a31.jpg

Even though I’ve been loaded with assignments from my financial accounting class, I’m very thankful for having great friends in school and my life-long friends. ❤ My life as a student is that if I'm not studying at home, then you will mostly likely find me at Starbucks studying. 😛 My favorite kinds of days are what my friends and I call it "Starbucks Days" where we plan time during the week to meet up and work on anything that we want. I was working on my homework while one of my girls was working on her resume, and another two of my girls were knitting together, so cute! Usually I get overwhelmed by daily routine of just studying when I get home but having Starbucks Days, it helps me power through my assignments and refreshes me since I get to catch up with my girls. ^-^ I also had time to catch up with one of my guy friends which I'm thankful for too. 🙂 And I had time to finally finish my origami project! 😀 One of my friends' roommate was very sweet and gave me a glass vase so I made a flower narcissus set for it. For being a busy busy lady, my happiness comes from the smallest things like working with great people at school, spending time with friends, and even having a craft project. Where does your happiness come from? What are the little things that are making you happy this week? 🙂

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^ My guy friend’s fancy camera 😛
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^ I’m super jealous of the quality though. This is the photo he took with it. *o*