Monthly Archives: April 2014

Went to University of California at Davis (U.C Davis) for a conference over the weekend. While I was there, I got to spend time with my closest friend. ^_^ I brought some treats from home for my friend and made some kusudamas for her roommates because I love giving gifts plus her roommates are crafters as well. 🙂 One of her roommates was sooo nice and gave me a crocheted cactus that she made! If you like crocheting or knitting, feel free to check out her sites: Homemade by Erica on Facebook and Etsy. I also got to make white chocolate blueberry cheesecake cookies with my girl 😀 The original recipe is white chocolate raspberry cheesecake cookies but you can replace the raspberry with blueberry and it still tastes delicious. It’s great for late night sweets yum yums! ^_^



Since tulips are out of season, I pulled them out and saved the seeds for next year. I wanted to buy seeds to plant new flowers but my dad couldn’t wait so we bought new plants.


My brother is participating in an art contest so I took him around downtown, San Francisco to rack up on photos. The winner gets their art piece displayed in The White House so I’m excited to see who will win. ^_^

 photo IMG_2648_zpsb55d48e8.jpg
 photo IMG_2652_zpseb9793c8.jpg
 photo IMG_2646_zps59358456.jpg
 photo IMG_2649_zpsfb8d6a79.jpg
 photo IMG_2656_zpsa6c4b071.jpg
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