Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hand-picked some tulips for the home. ^_^ I kept this cute Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice bottle and I’m happy that I finally get to use it as a vase. Also planted some hyacinth and daffodil bulbs for the Spring season, can’t wait to see them grow! 😀



Flower Language Lesson #1: Although roses are the most commonly used flowers to express love, it’s actually the tulips that symbolizes true love. A very simplistic flower and gorgeous in any color. A tulip in red expresses passionate love but the deeper the red, the deeper the love. The “perfect love”.

While there are many tulips in full bloom in my garden, I’m surprised to see that there are baby ones starting to bloom too. This tulip couple caught my eye because it’s like they’re hugging each other. How perfect can it get? They symbolize love and are showing affection too!