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I haven’t been going out much but hopefully this week I will get more outing pictures. Lately, I’ve been staying at home to help my dad with his construction project. He’s adding two more rooms and remodeling our backyard so we can actually have a garden! =D I’m really excited for the garden. ^_^ Aside from the project, my godmother is planning to visit again so I made her a paper narcissus set as a gift. I’ve been also taking care of the plants since I’m home for the summer and I’m happy to see that the orchids are blooming! =D Something small like looking at the flowers in the morning could really make me feel at peace. =) My baby, Jack-Jack, usually stays with me where I go in the house I’m taking care of the doggies too. He’s a ball of fluffiness! :3



Hihi! Hope everyone is doing well! ^_^ Just wanted to share some pictures that I took on Instagram. With Instagram, I take photos of what goes on around me like my silly family and friends as well as nice surprises and things that relaxes me. I am also on Pinterest and Tumblr if you would like to follow me on those sites (you can still search up ereyes101 on both sites)! I don’t post all the same things on each site so that each site has something special. ^_^

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Had some free time today so I was looking through old photo albums and found pictures of my mom and dad. I thought it was cute because I didn’t know there were little messages behind some of the photos. It was during the time when my mom moved to the United States while my dad was still in the Philippines so my parents would send each other letters.

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My mom was sad thinking that we didn’t get anything for her birthday but that was because all the plans were for the afternoon. =P When my godmother came to visit, she gave me money to buy flowers as a present for my mom. Had to go to Costco with my dad (because I don’t have a Costco card x.x) and chose these orchids for my mom. She was happy to see the flowers but she was surprised that the orchids were from my godmother. Birthday surprise was a success!!! ^_^


Finally bought more craft supplies so I can start making origami jewelry. =D I usually wear bracelets so I made this beaded bracelet. I’m gonna try making it my signature touch to add a paper crane charm to my jewelry, at least for the bracelets. ^_^

 photo IMG_5208_zps0b91b77b.jpg
 photo IMG_5211_zpsd5d568f5.jpg

The most beautiful? The simplest and least clad. – Anatole France

I’m so used to using glass vases that I wanted to try something different. I bought this black ceramic plate that’s used for holding candles in Target. At first, I was thinking to make a white lily but I felt like making something more vibrant. I ended up making a red dahlia from the book Blooming Origami by Fumio Inoue to go with the plate. Luckily, I think it turned out well with the living room decor and gave it more life. ^_^

 photo IMG_5092_zpsfbd509d2.jpg
 photo IMG_5086_zps41a615e6.jpg
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