Monthly Archives: June 2013

Keeping busy with my craft stuff. I’m going to start writing thank you cards for the ladies I work with in SWE (Society of Women Engineers). They are amazing people to work with so I wanted to give them a personalized card along with a small gift. I also bought a small photo album with my photography pictures, making it like a portfolio. ^_^ I also made a bracelet with some origami beads. I have an origami jewelry book that I haven’t used yet so I thought this could be a start. I used to make lanyards in middle school so luckily it came in handy for making the bracelet. =)

 photo IMG_1700_zps18f112be.jpg
 photo IMG_1701_zps7e511ca4.jpg
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Got to hangout with my girls and one of my guy friends before my friend, Janelle, goes back to Davis for summer school. Had some El Salvadorian food and the dessert was so good! ^_^ We originally wanted to go to the park but when we got there, the park was packed with kids so we went to a beach in Pacifica. Being home for the Summer is really bringing my energy back and I feel renewed. =)

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