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A warm, nice day in San Jose that I took my roomie out for her first Photo Day! ^_^ Credit to my friend Mary for some of the pictures.

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^ My roomie, a friend, and I went to a cafe near campus. My roomie pointed out a guy who she thought would be my type and she was correct. My roomie and friend were both hyper from drinking milk tea that my friend drew a picture of me. She also wrote on the card, “This girl likes you” and gave it to the guy. I feel so embarrassed… -_- I’m not sure if he noticed it was me though. If we somehow meet again and knows that it was me, then I would call that it was destiny…

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^ Bumped into a friend during our photo walk. ^_^

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My roomie and I switched around in the Arts; I’m trying to get into playing an instrument while my roomie is trying to get into photography. ^_^ We were learning how to use her new camera. Pictures taken with a Nikon D60.

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Here are the pictures that she took. ^_^

 photo DSC_0009_zps45c6ed87.jpg
 photo DSC_0022_zps614f1f1e.jpg

Credit to my friend Eddie who took some pictures too. He’s a good friend who inspired me to experiment with photography and to make it a hobby. Please check out his blog at! I love his film photography! ^_^

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^ My engineering buddies ever since freshmen year ^_^

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^ Gift wrap from an engineer hehe

 photo IMG_0961_zps2e35be50.jpg
^ Another gift wrap from one of the guys ^_^

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^ Made a challenge last year for one of my engineering buddies who I taught how to fold a paper crane. We tell him at any day and any time that we are with him to fold a paper crane and he has to make it in front of us. If he completes it, then another friend of mine and I have to buy him milk tea. If he cannot make a paper crane, then he buys me and my friend milk tea. I guess he still remembers so he gets four milk teas because they are buy one get one free at Quickly. -_-

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